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Best place to get your STCW & start working on Superyachts in 2022

We have compared 4 Superyacht hotspots to start working as a Stewardess and Deckhand on Superyachts. We take into account that as new crew; you will still need to obtain some of your certification and get your STCW Basic Safety. Here is a list of total cost for your STCW Basic Safety and living cost. We also take a look at opportunities for daywork and getting a yacht job.

4. Florida Superyacht Training


Superyacht training Fort Lauderdale

  • + NA largest Superyacht Hub
  • + Best Place to go October-November
  • -STCW Price minimum 1600 USD
  • – 1 week in hotel/Airbnb Fort Lauderdale 500 USD
  • – Many regulations and hard to access marinas without work permit

Total Price 1 week 2100 USD


3. Palma de Mallorca Superyacht Training

Palma De Mallorca Superyacht STCW Basic Safety



+ Nice place to live and meet people

+ Good Crew Houses

+ Nearby locations for trekking, day trips, beaches

+ Many yachts on the island, especially sailing yachts and yacht crew.

+ Good Crew Agencies


STCW Price 1300 Euro

Weekly rentals start from 600 Euro

Total Price 1-week 1900 Eur


2. Antibes, France Superyacht Training

STCW Basic Safety Antibes


+ Most Superyachts in the world

+ Good all year around

+ Best time to go April-May

  • STCW Price 1350 Euro
  • Expensive Living cost and Accommodation
  • 1 week in Shared Accommodation crew house 300 Euro

Total Price 1 Week 1650 Euro.


1. Croatia Superyacht Training

STCW Basic Safety for Superyacht Crew Croatia


+ Affordable

+ Upcoming Yachting Hub and good opportunities for daywork

+ Best option to get Superyacht Basic Safety Training

+ STCW Basic Safety Superyacht course 70% Cheaper

+ Price to start 849€ STCW Basic Safety including Accommodation

  • Superyacht Season starts in March
  • Less opportunities for work October-December


Overall, in 2022 Croatia is gaining popularity and is the best option for Superyacht crew to start. You can book your STCW Basic Safety and get transportation and Accommodation included in the Centre of beautiful Split. With Bars, beaches, and marinas with Superyachts docked in the middle of the city Centre.


You can book your STCW Basic Safety Training package in Croatia here:



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3 next bookings get 50€ free. Use free code “yachtie50” at checkout


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