Full STCW Yacht Stewardess Training Croatia

The perfect training option to get all STCW Certificates and become fully certified as a Stewardess for your first Yacht job (Croatia, Split)

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STCW Superyacht Stewardess Training Croatia
Split, Croatia + Online

10 Days STCW Basic Safety in Split, Croatia
114.Brigade 10, 21000, Split, Croatia

Instant Online Access to STCW and Full Stewardess Yacht Training

All STCW Certificates, Yacht training and support to get your first Yacht Stewardess job...

See all Stewardess qualification that are included.......

Introduction 08:30-16:00

  • Safe work on ship
  • Human relationship and contribution for good human relationship on ship
  • Understanding order and ability of understanding given order
  • Methods in emergency
  • Prevention for pollution of sea environment
  • Human relationships


  • Emergency situations
  • Introduction, safety and survival
  • Evacuation
  • Survival craft and rescue boats
  • Personal life – saving appliances
  • Survival at sea
  • Emergency radio equipment
  • Helicopter assistance

08:30AM-12:00 Personal Survival Practical

  • Survival craft and rescue boats
  • Personal life – saving appliances
  • Survival at sea

Firefighting Theory 13:00-16:45

  • Introduction and principles
  • Minimize the risk of fire
  • Maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situation involving fires



  • Body structure and functions
  • Positioning of casualty
  • The unconscious casualty
  • Resuscitation
  • Bleeding
  • Management of shock
  • Burns and scalds, and accidents caused by electricity
  • Rescue and transport of casualty

08:30AM – 16:45PM

  • Introduction and principles
  • Minimize the risk of fire
  • Maintain a state of readiness to respond to emergency situation involving fires
  • Fight and extinguish fires
  • Review and final assessment

08:30AM – 12:00

  • Fight and extinguish fires on board
  • Review and final assessment

Have 3 days off with the other Crew in Split to explore day work options, get a CV photo or book the Powerboat Level 2 RYA Training and complete all your other online modules:

  • ISPS (Yacht Crew MCA)
  • STCW Crowd/Crisis/Food Hygiene
  • YCA Stewardess Training Courses online
  • Powerboat Level 2 if booked

08:00 AM

ENG1 Medical Equivalent STCW/MLC International Certificate included with an MLC/STCW Approved Doctor in Split.

15:00 PM

  • Exam for the maritime ministry to get STCW Basic Safety Certificate. There is an approx fee of 55€ for the examination. 
  • 4 STCW Course modules Certificates received at the training centre.
  • With the STCW Basic Safety Certificate you are fully certified and it is worldwide approved.
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Lodging + Flights

Discounted accommodation and flight/transport assistance.

10 days STCW Basic Safety Training, Split Croatia

A Training week in Split, Croatia included together with the other crew while making life long friends during the training week in Split, Croatia at MCA-accepted partner IMO STCW centre.

Address: 114.Brigade 10, 21000, Split, Croatia

In addition to the STCW Training week you will also get.....

STCW Security Awareness (PSA) Online Yacht Crew

STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness (Yacht Crew)

For yacht Crew. Mandatory to become a Deckhand on board Yachts with Security Duties. (MCA Approved)

Food and Hygiene Level 2 150€

Fully Food and Hygiene Level 2 mandatory course for crew handling food onboard. 

(FULLY CPD Approved)

STCW Superyacht Stewardess Training Croatia

YCA Certified Stewardess Training

Get access all 8 required YCA Yacht stewardess training certificates giving you everything you need to work as a Yacht Stewardess on board.

  • Housekeeping Stewardess
  • Laundry Stewardess
  • Silver Service
  • Total 8 YCA Stewardess Certificates
Yacht Stewardess Training
Yacht Crew Business Cards

We create your Yacht Stewardess CV

Senior experienced Crew and Captains create and structure your custom Yacht CV so that you are miles ahead of the competition and so that we can start the Yacht Stewardess job search. 

ENG1 Medical Certificate

The Mandatory Medical Certificate for seafarers and Yacht crew. Included in your training in Split and fully STCW/MLC Approved and compliant with MCA equivalency.

Yacht Deckhand STCW Training
Junior Stewardess apply for yacht jobs
Full Yachtiecareers programme - We assist with reference, day work guide, network and agency list & interviews to land your first Yacht job

Get life-time 24/7 access to your instructors and your own dashboard online. You also get access to our crew community where we guide you together with the other crew to your first job with CV, References letters, interviews and Agencies with a personal  plan and full Stewardess STCW Training programme with all 18 steps and courses.

Discounted Crew Accommodation

Stay with the other crew with on site crew accommodation or 7 nights in the marina on board a 15m Yacht with transportation. Perfect way to start your Yacht Career with new friends during the training week in Split, Croatia from 20€/night.

Yacht Crew Accommodation

Yacht Stewardess Full STCW Croatia

€870 x 2

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We offer more than just training, our students become part of our community and find yacht Stewardess jobs !
Yacht Stewardess Florida
Yacht Crew Salary 2024
Yacht Stewardess
Yacht Stewardess Monaco

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Limited time offer

Yacht Crew Bank Account and contract signing 180€

Yacht Agency List

Connect with agents and Yachts in our network 240€

Mega Yacht Jobs

WhatsApp crew group access for yachts jobs 280€

Yacht Crew Jobs

Visa and Discharge book Application (excluding fee) 280€

Yacht Crew Visa B1/B2

Superyacht Reference for job search and interviews 100€

Deckhand Yacht Reference

Full Yacht Stewardess STCW

STCW 10 days | All Yacht Training for your first Stewardess job 


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€845 x 2

STCW Basic Safety Training (10 Days)

  • Personal Survival Techniques A-VI/1-1
  • Fire Prevention and Fire-Fighting A-VI/1-2
  • Elementary first Aid A-VI/1-3
  • Personal Safety Social Responsibilities A-VI/1-4
  • ENG1 Medical Certificate (In Split)
  • Food Hygiene Certificate (CPD Approved)
  • STCW Security Awareness (Yacht Crew)
  • Seaman Discharge Book (Cayman Island ex fee.) 
  • Yacht Stewardess CV (1 PDF + 1 docx ed.)

YCA Certified Superyacht Stewardess Training 

  1. YCA Housekeeping StewardessTraining
  2. YCA Laundry Stewardess
  3. YCA Silver Service Yachts
  4. YCA Caviar Training
  5. YCA Yacht Stewardess Beverages Training
  6. YCA Yacht Flower Arrangements
  7. YCA Stewardess Guest Safety
  8. YCA Stewardess Cigar Training

+ Life time online access Yacht Training programme 

+ 18 Courses Superyacht Training Access

+ Yacht Crew Bank Account

+ Discounted Crew Accommodation from €20/night

+ We connect with Agencies/Yachts to find first job.

+ WhatsApp crew support for daywork

+ Interviews Contract signing

+ Captain/Chief Stew 1-1 Consultation & Personal Plan

+ B1/B2 Visa Application support

+ Superyacht Written Reference

Use code “paylater50” at checkout for split payment plan

Yacht Stewardess Full STCW Croatia

€845 x 2

Use code “paylater50” at checkout for split payment plan.

Need Crew Accommodation fully included and 24/7 support and us to write your CV from Scratch ?

What qualifications are included to work as a Yacht Stewardess ?

We include all the qualifications you need to become a Yacht Stewardess fully IMO STCW Approved:

  • STCW Basic Safety Manila 2010 (Worldwide approved)
  • Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 CPD Approved
  • Security Awareness (MCA Yacht Crew Approved)
  • Proficiency in Personal Designated Security Duties (MCA Yacht Crew Approved)
  • ENG1 Medical Certificate STCW and MLC Approved
  • Large Yacht Crew STCW Crowd & Crisis Management (USCG Accredited) 
  • YCA Course Certificates
    • YCA Housekeeping StewardessTraining
    • YCA Laundry Stewardess
    • YCA Silver Service Yachts
    • YCA Caviar Training
    • YCA Yacht Stewardess Beverages Training
    • YCA Yacht Flower Arrangements
    • YCA Stewardess Guest Safety
    • YCA Stewardess Cigar Training

      All the certificates are issued digitally. With an option to get physical copies sent as well. 
      For the STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate, the maximum time for issue after completing the exam is 20 days, but in most cases issued within a period of 7 working days. In the meantime you will receive STCW Course certificates for the 4 modules.

      | STCW Maritime Personal Survival Techniques.
      | STCW Maritime First Aid Training.
      | STCW Maritime Personal Safety and Social Responsibility.
      | STCW Maritime Fire Prevention and Firefighting.

Where is the STCW Training ?

The training centre is in Croatia, Split. The STCW Training is with SSM. We will help you with flight bookings, transport and on-site crew accommodation.

The  address is 114.Brigade 12, 21000, Split, Croatia by the crew accommodation.

We include 7 nights accommodation in our STCW Stewardess Premium Package.

  1. On Site Crew Accommodation
  2. Accommodation on board a small Yacht in the Marina (Transport included)

You can also book the crew accommodation with our members discount and other crew starting from only 20€/night here.

The STCW Training week for Stewardesses is every month in Split, Croatia. You can book your date here.

Once you book you get full access online and reserve your STCW Training date and can start all your Superyacht Stewardess training from your dashboard with your log in details.

Which Stewardess Training is right for me ?

Yes this is the most popular Superyacht Stewardess Training package to become a Yacht Stewardess on board. It gives you all certifications and qualifications you need. It also includes CV, Business Cards and network to land your first Stewardess job. 

This Superyacht Stewardess Training Premium option is if you want to have everything without booking the accommodation yourself. You also get extra courses such as  PDSD, Crowd & Crisis Management and printed Business Cards, Yachtiecareers Day working T-shirt and 2-year career Support .

To work on board with all 24/7 support and find a Yacht job the Stewardess STCW Full package is more than enough.

How do I find a Yacht Stewardess job ?

We will give you access to the CV Writing kit to get all your information and old CV. Then we help you get a professional CV Photo, Business Card and write your CV for you to start the job search.

Yes, we will assist with job search tools and give you agency lists, CV, reference letter, yacht bank account and guide you for interviews and contract signing. 

We also guide you to Daywork and getting your first Yacht Stewardess job as fast as possible. 

You will also be in our community groups with the other crew so that you can start the job search together and re-locate to Palma, Antibes or Fort Lauderdale together with your new Yacht Friends.

We can not guarantee the time for the first job, some crew get their first job within a week, while some take longer. Whenever a position comes in we match with your CV. If you follow our guidelines and plan and apply as per the instructions you will have a very high chance of success.

A standard Junior Stewardess Salary is starting from 2500€/month. You will also have at least 38 days paid leave per year in your contract. 

Many Yachts have bonuses and tips. When earning tips you can earn €20 000-€30 000/season only in tips. 

We will help you with the day work and dock walking guides together with the other crew and have crew guides for securing daywork. 

The best places for daywork are Antibes, Palma and Florida. But depending on the season we will help you with the best option.

When you daywork you earn 100€-150€/day

How does it work ?

Stewardess Order Croatia

  1. To get started you simply go here to select your date for the Yacht STCW Training week here.

    2. At checkout you can use a payment plan giving you 50% off on the first payment, and the rest you pay when you start the training.

    3. Type “paylater50” on checkout                                                                   
  1. Once you book you get instant access to the full training and log in details to your dashboard to start and connect with the other crew in the WhatsApp group for the job search.

Yes to get full access to the Yacht Stewardess training and so we can start writing your CV. You only pay 50% to book your training date. The rest you pay at the training week in Croatia. 

Simply type paylater50 at checkout.

It is important to book well ahead before it gets full and so that we can complete everything online by the training week so that you can get a job straight after the training. 

1. When you book you get full life-time access to Certificates and YCA Superyacht Stewardess Training Online.

2. Complete all the training at your own pace 24/7 and get your certificates.

3. We start to write your CV and start the job search.

4. You get added to our crew community and WhatsApp groups with 24/7 access so we can guide you together to your first job with the other crew.

5. STCW in person 10 days training and crew accommodation in Split, Croatia. Get your ENG1 + your new CV photo and final CV.

6. We connect to agents, yachts and find your first yacht Stewardess job with your new CV and Business Cards.

7. Get first yacht stewardess job and we set up your yacht bank account and we assist with signing your first contract, update your CV and continue helping you progress in your career.

Once you book you only pay a deposit of 50% and get full access to the training programme and book your STCW Training week date.

If you want to change your date to a different month you can do so free of charge with no additional fees.

Yacht Stewardess Full STCW Croatia

€845 x 2

Use code “paylater50” at checkout for split payment plan.

Book your Superyacht Stewardess Training Croatia

Book your date now or let us know if you need more help getting started....

Need some help with booking your training ?

Drop us a message and a Yachtiecareers member will help you out ! We are usually very quick to respond ! 

Best STCW training Location
Yacht Crew Accommodation

Address: 114.Brigade 10, 21000, Split, Croatia

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