Best Superyacht Stewardess Training

Are you looking for Superyacht Stewardess training ? It can be confusing finding the best STCW training centres and knowing exactly which qualifications you need to become a Yacht Stewardess. We have spoken with Captains and agents to figure out the most important and basic Certificates you need to become a Stewardess without spending too much money.

Below is a list of all you need to secure your first Superyacht Stewardess job and how much each certificate will cost. So let’s have a look at exactly what these certificates are why you need them and how to get each one.

2. Food and Hygiene level 2

Fully Food and Hygiene Level 2 mandatory course for crew handling food onboard. This need to be fully CPD approved. On British flagged yachts there can also be additional requirements for Food and Hygiene Level 2 to be conducted by yacht crew.

3. STCW Basic Safety Training with Free Accommodation

This Certificate is mandatory for all seafarers working on yachts and other ships all around the world. We have a worldwide STCW training Manila 2010 approved training centre for one of the most affordable prices in Europe. We organise Transport, or if you need to book flights to and from Split, Croatia. In this package you also get accommodation and at the end of the training there is an exam for which you get your brand new STCW basic Safety Certificate to add to your CV.

4. Stewardess Yacht Training Online

This  training is for you that are sure you want to work on Yachts and know everything about the industry and your new job role. This 3 day Online Training gives you a Course Certificate. 21 pro interactive pro modules by Superyacht Captains and Chief Stewardesses covering the aspects of working on board as well as several tools and tips for getting your first Superyacht Stewardess job.

  • Stewardess CV module
  • Housekeeping Stewardess
  • Service Stewardess
  • Stewardess Certificates Module
  • Yacht Cleaning Product Guides
  • Laundry Stewardess Module
  • Getting Stewardess day work and job guide

5. Superyacht CV writing

One of the most important things starting on Superyachts and beating the competition is to add your new STCW and Stewardess training onto a CV that beats the competition and gets you interviews and job offers. We as recruiters write your Superyacht CV so that you can successfully apply for jobs.

Other Certificates that you are going to need for securing your first Stewardess job are agency lists covering all the best agencies to use and how to write good emails and cover letters. If you need a list you can simply email us and get a list for 2022 best agencies in the US, Asia and Europe.

Before you step on board your first yacht you are also going to need an ENG1 Medical Certificate. You can book this in your home country through your Doctor or through a specialised Doctor in Medical Certification for Yacht crew and we can help you with this, since it is different depending on your location.

Once you have all the certificates, tools and guides it is time to use your new Stewardess Yacht CV to register to the best agencies and to try to build your experience with dock walking and daywork.


The best Superyacht Stewardess Training

There are many options worldwide offering different training to become a Yacht Stewardess on board. So try to not spend too much money at the beginning of your career and instead focus on getting a Yacht job with a good professionally made Superyacht CV that you can use to apply for jobs.   

You can get all the certificates and qualifications you need to start as a Yacht Stewardess by getting a special Stewardess Training Package that includes all the training that you need in order to start working on Yachts.


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