Dockwalking Yacht Crew guide

Dockwalking Yacht Crew guide

In this Dockwalking Yacht Crew guide we will cover the procedure and tips of dock-walking in South of Europe and the Med. We will focus on one of the most popular areas for Yacht Crew which is Antibes and the South of France. If you are located in South of France these will be the best spots to look for daywork and do dockwalking to find your first yacht job.

We will also give you a Top 10 list of the best marinas and locations to secure Yacht jobs and dockwalking.

Dockwalking Yacht crew guide

What is dockwalking ? A Dockwalking Yacht Crew guide 

Dockwalking is one of the best ways to build your yacht experience and find yacht jobs working as a Deckhand or Stewardess. It basically means you pack a bag and set out in a white/navy T-shirt or Polo shirt with a bunch of Business Cards and CVs.

You then go to small and large marinas and ask crew on board the Yachts if they:

  • Require any assistance today?
  • Require any help either today or in the future?
  • If you can give a copy of your CV if anything opens up?
  • If they know another Yacht looking for crew or help?

 The best and worst part about dockwalking ?

We have all done it and we are going to be honest, walking long days and facing rejections repeatedly can take a toll on anyone. But once you get that job offer (and you will) it is all worth it. A few tips when dockwalking to make the experience more fun:

  • Each rejection brings you one step closer to getting a job offer, salary and an incredible experience
  • It is a great way to build your CV
  • Put things in perspective you are strolling around in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.
  • Do it with a friend and travel together making the experience more fun.
  • Celebrate each little win.
  • Rejections are not personal, we have all been there and the crew on board understands and want to do everything to help you.

Best time for dockwalking Yacht Crew guide ?

 You can dockwalk any month of the yearc in the Med to find a Yacht crew job. In the winter months we need help on board with maintenance and to cover crew leave. Pre-summer we are recruiting crew and during the high-season we always need an extra pair of hands between charters.

Keep these times in mind when dockwalking:

  • A typical work day starts 07:30-08:00. Before that time there is a big chance we are sleeping, resting or having breakfast, so it might not be too popular to ring the yacht gangway bell before 08:00.
  • 08:00 AM. It is common for each department to have a meeting. Try not to interrupt the meeting and just stand by until you see the meeting is completed.
  • 08:30 – A great time to ask for daywork and approach. The day has fully started and if we do need help for the day, we will welcome you with open arms when you approach.
  • Crew break-times are usually 10:00-10:30, 12:00-13:00, 15:00-15:30. It can vary from yacht to yacht, but try to avoid these periods, so you do not interrupt a break.
  • The day finishes 16:00-17:00 depending on Yacht. It is great to approach before the finish of the day to see if they might need help for the next day.

Why is Dock-walking is a popular choice for Yacht Crew?

In Yachting and trying to secure the first Yacht crew job and start working on board as a Deckhand and Stewardess, dock-walking and daywork can be one of the best ways to be successful. In Yachting everything is about time and place, and timing. So often we need a crew member on board urgently. And if you are at the right place at the right time, with a strong CV we will very likely take you on board despite no previous Yacht Experience.

Do I need Experience to Daywork on Yachts ?

While sometimes Yachts will look for temporary crew with experience, you do not need experience to dockwalk. Dockwalking is the way to build experience and find Yacht jobs. Just follow the steps in this Dockwalking Yacht Crew guide

Top 10 Locations surrounding Antibes to dockwalk and Daywork ?

 To start working on Yachts. The best place to be is South of Europe and the Mediterranean, more specifically South of France and Antibes. While Antibes is an amazing spot, with several marinas, agencies and opportunites , it is also full of aspiring yacht crew. So you might have a better chance exploring excellent nearby marinas to increase your chances and stand out to get a Yacht job.

Top 10 Guide – Location for Yacht Crew Dockwalking (South of France)

10. Barcelona
9. Genoa
8. Cannes
7. Imperia
6. Monaco
5. Toulon/Marseille
4. Tarragona
3. La Crotta
2. Nice
1.Antibes/Juan Les Pins


Small Yacht Crew Marinas to focus on in South of France (Dockwalk):
  • Golfe Juan
  • St Tropez
  • La Napoule
  • St Laurent du Var
  • Marina Baie de anges
  • Villefranche sur mer/Cap Ferrat
  • Beulliue sur Mer
  • Cap D Ail
  • Menton

Other Yachting Locations to Dockwalk ?

There is no doubt that South of France/Italy/Spain is the hotspot of Yacht work and Yacht Crew. But as we mentioned dockwalking/dayworking and job search is very much depending on luck and being at the right place at the right time. If you are in Turkey, dockwalking and a Yacht is looking for a crew member urgently, you will almost certainly get the job because of the lack of competition and available crew in the area. With this in mind here are some great locations and marinas for Dockwalking outside the yachting hotspots for the adventurer looking to: go off the beaten path Dockwalking Yacht Crew guide:

1. Turkey Coast (Fethiye and sorroundings

2. Montenegre

3. Malta

2. Athens and Greece

1.Croatian Coast

How to start dockwalking, getting the best daywork support and become Yacht Crew ?

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