Where can I find a Yacht job ?

Where can I find a Yacht job ?

Where can I find a Yacht job ? Once you have completed all your training and qualifications, the question becomes: Where can I find a Yacht job ? It is time to find a Yacht job in your first position as a Junior Stewardess or Junior Deckhand. Before you start the job search make sure you have completed and have the following to be able to start yacht job applications.


Where can I find a Yacht job ?

Step 1 – Get Qualified to work on Yachts and where I can find a Yacht job ?

Once you have ticked all above boxed you can start the yacht job search.

Step 2 -Where can I find a Yacht job ? – Best Yacht locations and marinas to find a Job.

 To find a job it is important that you are in an area where Yachts, marinas and recruiters are based. So that you are close to the industry, can meet recruiters, crew and Yacht Captains in person and try to get experience and build your CV with temporary jobs. The best locations when you do not know where you find  Yacht jobs are:

  • Europe (Mediterranean)
  • United States (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Caribbean (St Maarten)
  • Dubai

These locations, have many Yachts all year around, and by being in those locations you will have an edge in the job search and be able to find a Yacht job faster.

Select a location to start working on Yachts in 2024 Europe?

 To find a Yacht job as a Yacht Stewardess or Yacht Deckhand in the Mediterranean (Europe), you have a few options when it comes to select a location and re-locate after the training. Those are Yachtiecareers favorite picks and also where we started and found our first jobs in our career.

Conclusion – Best place to find a Yacht job as Junior Crew 

The question where I can find a Yacht job ? To find your first Yacht jobs it is important that you first get your Certificates with Yachtiecareers. We recommend that you do the training week in Split where you get everything to find a Yacht job and start working included and so that we can help you with the job search.

  • Start in Croatia and get fully certified for almost half the price of other locations
  • Stay in Croatia and meet new crew and friends
  • Relocate to a Yacht job hotspot and secure your first job.

The first Step is to get fully qualified and Certified with Yachtiecareers. We are working with many yachts in our network and that is an additional place where I can find a Yacht job. The Yachts are ranging from small yachts 20m in length to mega yacht which are over 100m in length. We find yacht jobs for stewardesses and deckhand in our program.

Here is 1 example: 
A stunning 60m private motor yacht is looking for a Junior Stewardess, with at least one season of experience, to join their team. The candidate must be a team player, looking for longevity. The role will be predominantly laundry and housekeeping, but they will rotate through all departments. Immediate start with B1B2 in hand.

  • Vessel/Shorebased Type 60m (197ft)
  • Vessel Type Motor Yacht
  • Charter/Private Private
  • Number of Crew 14

Where can I find a Yacht job ? Are you still looking for a Yacht job ? Here you can read  Top 10 best places to find a Yacht job in the Med 2024. The best way to start is by getting fully qualified and certified before relocation to find a yacht job in the Med.

Start as a Stewardess and find a yacht job in 2024. 

Start as a Deckhand and find a Yacht job in 2024. 

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