Superyacht Stewardess Training Online

All Stewardess Yacht Training to get a Stewardess job and a professional Stewardess CV (Online, Worldwide)

£ 1120
590£ (295£ x 2) payments
Worldwide (Online)

24/7 Lifetime Access online and STCW Security (MCA Approved)

8 YCA Certified Yacht Stewardess Courses & CV

Are you one of the following ?

1. Cruise Ship crew and want to become Yacht Crew ?

2. STCW Certified but can't find your first Yacht job ?

3. Need required Yacht training to become a successful Stewardess ?

4. Wanting to do the STCW in your own country ?

Then this Yacht Stewardess online training is perfect for you looking to get your first Yacht job

Total Value 1800£

Stewardess Online Training

If you already have STCW or can’t find a job we make the difference


Your price
£295 x 2

Full Stewardess 18-step Programme (£600)

8 Yacht Stewardess YCA Certificates (£500)

Stewardess CV (£300)

STCW Security Awareness (£150)

Food Hygiene Level 2 (£90)

Yacht Bank Account (£130)

SDB Application (Cayman Island)

ENG1 Medical support

24/7 Personal Job Support (1-1 Consultation)

Visa Guide (B1/B2, Schengen)

Yacht network and agencies

Business Cards

YCA Certified Stewardess Training (£500)

YCA Housekeeping StewardessTraining

YCA Laundry Stewardess

YCA Silver Service Yachts

YCA Caviar Training

YCA Yacht Stewardess Beverages Training

YCA Yacht Flower Arrangements

YCA Stewardess Guest Safety

YCA Stewardess Cigar Training

Step 1

Start online with Stewardess Training & 24/7 Support

Get life-time 24/7 access to your instructors and your own dashboard online. You also get access to our crew community where we guide you together with the other crew to your first job with a personal  plan and full Stewardess Training programme with all 18 steps and courses.


Work on yachts crew course
Yacht Stewardess CV
Step 2

We create your Yacht Stewardess CV

Senior experienced Crew and Captains write and structure your custom Yacht CV and Business Cards so that you are miles ahead of the competition and so that we can start the Yacht Stewardess job search. 

Step 3

YCA Certified Stewardess Training

Get access all 8 required YCA Yacht stewardess training certificates giving you everything you need to work as a Yacht Stewardess on board.

  • Housekeeping Stewardess
  • Laundry Stewardess
  • Silver Service
  • Total 8 YCA Stewardess Certificates
Junior Stewardess apply for yacht jobs
Step 4

STCW Security Awareness (MCA Approved)

Get all the mandatory STCW Stewardess certificates to work on Yachts, including STCW Security Awareness and Food Hygiene Level 2 Certificate.

Step 5

We connect you to our network to land your first Yacht job.

We assist you in finding your first stewardess job by helping you with day-to-day job searching together with the other crew, giving you a yacht reference letter and  set you up with a bank account, interviews and contracts.

Yacht STCW Basic Safety Training
We offer more than just training, our students become part of our community and find yacht Stewardess jobs !
Yacht Stewardess Florida
Yacht Crew Salary 2024
Yacht Stewardess
Yacht Stewardess Monaco

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What qualifications are included to work as a Yacht Stewardess ?

We include all the qualifications you need to become a Yacht Stewardess fully IMO STCW Approved:
  • Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 CPD Approved
  • Security Awareness (MCA Yacht Crew Approved)
  • Medical Certificate Support STCW and MLC Approved
  • Seaman’s Discharge Book Application
  • Visa Assistance
  • YCA Stewardess Certificates
    • YCA Housekeeping StewardessTraining
    • YCA Laundry Stewardess
    • YCA Silver Service Yachts
    • YCA Caviar Training
    • YCA Yacht Stewardess Beverages Training
    • YCA Yacht Flower Arrangements
    • YCA Stewardess Guest Safety
    • YCA Stewardess Cigar Training
  1. YCA Housekeeping Stewardess Training
  2. YCA Laundry Stewardess
  3. YCA Silver Service Yachts
  4. YCA Caviar Training
  5. YCA Yacht Stewardess Beverages Training
  6. YCA Yacht Flower Arrangements
  7. YCA Stewardess Guest Safety
  8. YCA Stewardess Cigar Training
Where is the Stewardess Training ?

All the training is fully online with your own dashboard and life time access. If you need The STCW Basic Safety it can be completed with us in Croatia  or Florida

The Stewardess STCW Online training includes everything except for the STCW Basic Safety Training and ENG1 with 10 days accommodation in Split, Croatia.

You should select this option if:

  1. You have cruise ship experience and your STCW but want to start working on Yachts.
  2. You have completed your STCW training, but can’t find a Yacht job. 
  3. You wish to do your STCW Basic Safety Training in your home country but want to work on Yachts.
  4. You want to get all the necessary Superyacht Stewardess training to be able to handle the Stewardess duties on board.

Everything in the Stewardess STCW online is also of course included in our STCW Full and Premium Training Packages.

How do I find a Yacht Stewardess job online ?

We will give you access to the CV Writing kit to get all your information and old CV. Then we help you get a professional CV Photo, Business Card and write your CV for you to start the job search.

Yes, we will give you all you need to get your first Yacht Stewardess position. That is why this training option is so popular, since it gives you more than just the certification. We will connect you to agents, yachts and our network to help you with CV, Daywork and getting your first Yacht Stewardess job as fast as possible. 

You will also be in our community groups with the other crew so that you can start the job search together and re-locate to Palma, Antibes or Fort Lauderdale together with your new Yacht Friends.

A standard Junior Stewardess Salary is starting from 2500€/month. You will also have at least 38 days paid leave per year in your contract. 

Many Yachts have bonuses and tips. When earning tips you can earn €20 000-€30 000/season only in tips. 

We will help you with the day work process together with the other crew and have crew guides for securing daywork. 

The best places for daywork are Antibes, Palma and Florida. But depending on the season we will help you with the best option.

When you daywork you earn 100€-150€/day

How does it work ?

Yes you can split in 2 monthly Payments and when you pay the first payment of 295£ you get full access to all the training , certification , Yacht CV and training programme.

1. When you book you get full life-time access to Certificates and YCA Superyacht Stewardess Training Online.

2. Complete all the training at your own pace 24/7 and get your certificates.

3. We start to write your CV and start the job search.

4. You get added to our crew community and WhatsApp groups with 24/7 access so we can guide you together to your first job with the other crew.

5. Add STCW in person 10 days training and crew accommodation in Split, Croatia. Get your ENG1 + your new CV photo and final CV if necessary.

6. We connect to agents, yachts and find your first yacht Stewardess job with your new CV and Business Cards.

7. Get first yacht stewardess job and we set up your yacht bank account and we assist with signing your first contract, update your CV and continue helping you progress in your career.

Do you want to add STCW Basic Safety Training with ENG1?

Book your date with full Stewardess Training + STCW Basic Safety training

Limited time bonus offer
24/7 Premium Support 400€

Get a Chief Officer as your personal  Instructor guiding you through the training, job search and interviews

Agency List and Yacht job Connect 140€

Daywork guides, Connect to our favorite Yacht Recruitment agents, yachts and Yacht jobs.

Yacht Crew Bank Account 180€

We help you set up a Free Bank Account to receive your salary in €/£/$ and other multi currency options.

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