Yacht Stewardess Training in Florida: Launch Your Yachting Career

Florida – the state famous for the active tourism business and long coast line – is filled with job offers for those who are eager to become stewardesses. In this guide, we’ll cover the various aspects of a superyacht stewardess role: from housekeeping and food service to safety and appearance. We’ll also address the essential yacht stewardess training in Florida and the qualifications needed to succeed in this attractive sector.

What Is Yacht Stewardess Training In Florida?

The stews perform a variety of tasks, from maintaining the internal aspects of the yacht to serving the guests, including cooking and serving drinks. If you’re drawn to a career that’s not just a job but an adventure-one that’s practical, interpersonal, and takes you to stunning destinations-a superyacht steward or stewardess position could be your perfect fit.

To get started, you need to have stewardess training from an MCA-approved body in order to land your first job. A yacht stewardess training in Florida includes:

  • Introduction to yachting
  • Basic safety training courses, including fire prevention, crew safety and security, first aid, and survival techniques
  • Housekeeping and laundry work
  • Basic food safety and hygiene
  • Wine, bartending, beverage services
  • Designated security duties
  • Additional: hairstyling, floristry, personal grooming

Also, the course outline and training period depend on the training provider, but the content is usually similar.

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Who Needs Yacht Stewardess Training In Florida?

Stewardess training in Florida is suitable for the following:

  • Merchant navy/cruise ship crew that would like to join yachts.
  • You are an STCW-certified officer, but you cannot get your first job.
  • You are required to do the STCW basic safety training in Florida.

How To Get Yacht Stewardess Training In Florida?

To successfully achieve steward/stewardess employment, it is crucial to embark on the latest yacht and superyacht positions. This can be done by registering with Yachtiecareers so that you can bookmark all the jobs that you are interested in.

You can start your online yacht crew training from anywhere in the world. They tailor your package, offering a combination of online training with basic safety in your home country, or you can book the STCW in split Croatia or Florida, USA. This flexibility puts you in control of your career path.

yacht stewardess training in florida

Key Steps to Get Your Job As A Yacht Stewardess In Florida

  1. Get prepared for the roles and opportunities of a superyacht stewardess
  2. Complete yacht stewardess training in Florida
  3. Get STCW basis safety certificate
  4. Have an ENG1 Medical Certificate for seafarers
  5. Get visas and necessary documentation
  6. Strong communication and networking in yacht industry
  7. Create your captivating CV as a yacht stewardess
  8. Apply for jobs and alert yourself for any opportunity
  9. Boost your expertise and learn additional skills

The Average Salary of a Yacht Stewardess In Florida

For a stewardess, the more experience and certificate you obtain, the higher salaries you can get. Usually, junior stewardess salary ranges from 2000€-3800€, 2nd or 3rdstewardess can earn 3200€-5500€ per month, and chief stewardesses with additional skills get 6000€-12000€ per month. It is important to note that a lot of factors determine a yacht crew’s pay, namely, yacht size, private or commercial, background and experience, etc.

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Essential Requirements To Work As A Yacht Stewardess In Florida

Some of the training courses are compulsory for you to earn an opportunity to work on specific categories of yachts and superyachts in Florida. The training stipulated for all the people working at sea is outlined in the International Convention of Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping for Seafarers.

Here is a list of courses that you must undertake since they are the basic yacht stew/stewardess training that will help you meet the general job requirements for private and charter yachts.

  • STCW basic safety training
  • Food safety & hygiene level 2
  • Proficiency in security awareness

Getting started involves passing several safety training courses, which are prerequisites for anyone seeking to join the yacht crew. The four modules of STCW BST includes Personal Survival Techniques | PST (A-VI/1-1), Fire Fighting Fire Prevention | FFP (A-VI/1-2), Elementary First Aid | EFA (A-VI/1-3) and, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities | PSSR (A-VI/1-4)

Get Stewardess Training at Yachtiecareers

If you are looking for a stewardess yacht training in Florida that will land you your first yacht job, you are at the right place. You will get all STCW-approved and YCA course certificates that are accepted internationally.

Moreover, during your stewardess training at Yachtiecareers, you will get the mandatory ENG1 Medical and Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 CPD Approved. This means that as part of your training, you will be guided through the process of obtaining these certificates, which are essential for working on a yacht. You will also get MCA-approved Security Awareness and Proficiency in Personal Designated Security Duties.

At Yachtiecareers, we play a crucial role in the sourcing of your first stewardess job. We do this by creating your CV, using our extensive network to connect you with potential employers, and providing agency lists. We will also provide you with a bank account for the yacht crew and aid in job interviews so you can secure your first contract.


For those new to the field, those looking to enhance their skills and expertise, or those aiming to advance their career as a yacht stewardess, yacht stewardess training can be a game-changer. It’s a clear path to career advancement and a way to stand out in the competitive yacht industry of Florida.

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