Where to find a Yacht Stewardess job ?

Where to find a Yacht Stewardess job

Finding a Yacht Stewardess job is like everything else, you need to put in the work and just making a plan, be determined and actually execute it. There are some key things to keep in mind to make sure you land your first Stewardess job much faster.

The Stewardess in the image started her job search and training and found her first Yacht Stewardess job on a Yacht in Turkey. It required a few weeks of temporary positions, but she was willing to relocate to Antibes and start the job search process and now she has a great Yacht job despite having a half sleeve tattoo. Below is the process she followed:

Where to find a Yacht Stewardess job ?

1. Get the right Yacht Crew Training

Make sure to get the relevant skills and certificates required to become a Yacht Stewardess, the key documents and certificates to have that are mandatory for a Yacht Stewardess are:

Mandatory to work on board all yachts and ships on board, valid for 5 years.

  • STCW Security Awareness

Mandatory for Yacht crew that for security awareness on board, valid for life.

  • ENG 1 Medical Certificate

Mandatory Medical Certificate for Yacht crew that is valid for 2 years.

  • Passport

At least valid for 6 months before travelling, to be safe make sure at least 1 year before expiry date.


2. Certificates to become qualified Yacht Stewardess

In addition to above it would help you a lot to have relevant yacht training skills, such as housekeeping, silver service, bartending and yacht stewardess training. In addition to that you also could use the following extra Stewardess certificates;

  • STCW Crowd and Crisis Management

Especially required for Yacht Stewardesses that will work on larger Yachts that carry more than the standard number of guests and passengers.

  • Food Hygiene Level 2

Required for all Yacht Interior crew that in one way or another will handle or be involved with food and drinks on board.

For Yacht Stewardesses that will carry out security duties on board including security rounds, gangway watch and port watchkeeping.


3. Write a Yacht Stewardess CV

Perhaps the most important document of all. Make sure that your CV stands out and that it is professionally written with a good Stewardess CV Photo showing that you are Yacht crew. Yachtiecareers can write your CV from scratch to make sure you land a yacht stewardess job faster.

4. Start Dayworking and Dockwalking to find Yacht Stewardess jobs

Generally, those new to the yachting industry look to start the job search we recommend relocating to A Yachting port to find your first Yacht Stewardess job and start picking up Daywork.

The top choices that we recommend are:


  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Tarragona


  • Antibes
  • Monaco
  • Nice
  • Cannes
  • St Tropez


  1. Fort Lauderdale
  2. Rybovich West Palm Beach

Can you get a yacht stewardess job online?

Generally it is much harder. But we do have many crews with Yachtie careers both getting interviews and jobs from online searches despite not being at prime locations with the help of our CVs.
Crew members are often picked up with very short notice, sometimes even on the same day of applying!
Book short-term accommodation, as you hopefully won’t be at this location very long before getting a job on a luxury yacht
The process could take a week, but sometimes up to two months. That is why we have created Yachtiecareers to guide you through this process, write your CV so that you can get your first Yacht Stewardess job within weeks.

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