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Acquiring the right training and certifications is not just a requirement, but a crucial step towards enhancing your employability in the dynamic superyacht industry of the United States. The STCW basic safety training, often mandated by employers, equips you with the necessary safety skills and emergency response knowledge, making you a valuable asset on board.

Find out complete details about this STCW basic safety training United States course below.

What Is The STCW Basic Training United States?

STCW represents the standards “the Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeeping” set forward by the IMO, which stands for the International Maritime Organization. It is the internationally acceptable standard followed by the leading flag states of all countries.

This STCW basic training course, as per section A-Vl/1 of the STCW Code, comprised the following modules: 

  • The Personal Survival Techniques
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Basic Firefighting and Fire Prevention
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility 

Is STCW Basic Safety Training Compulsory For Yacht Crew?

Yes, STCW basic safety training approved by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is obligatory for crew members working on yachts larger than 24m. It is compulsory for seafarers engaged in any shipboard capacity as a technical crew member on pollution prevention and designated safety duties in the operation of the yacht.

In addition to your STCW Basic Safety Training, you will also need your MCA-authorized medical – ENG1 – from an MCA-approved physician and awarded by an MCA medical officer. This certification is crucial as it ensures that you are physically fit to work in the maritime industry.

STCW basic safety training for yacht crew

STCW Basic Safety Training United States Content

The list below includes the modules of the course that all seafarers must attend. This training is recommended for anyone who wants to obtain basic sea safety training at a leisure level or those planning to make a sea career.

1.       Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention A-Vi/1-2

The basic firefighting and fire prevention module is an important part of STCW’s basic training. This course is designed to teach: 

  1. Fire prevention on the yacht
  2. How to take action when a fire occurs
  3. The safe use of the firefighting equipment available on site.

This course includes practical training and knowledge of using firefighting equipment and breathing apparatus for firefighting and rescue. Furthermore, courses such as emergency systems, procedures, and other items are covered.

2.       Personal Survival Techniques STCW A-VI/1-1

This course features an online program that provides a theory component comprising practicals that equip students with the necessary information to survive an emergency situation or take a vessel/offshore facility escape route. Moreover, it provides information and procedures for emergencies, evacuations, life rafts, survival equipment, rescue operations, support services, and other life-saving techniques and appliances being used at sea. 

3.       Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

Candidates who successfully complete the PSSR training course in accordance with the STCW Basic Training Code / (Section A-VI/1-4) will be issued a Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR) certificate. This module covers classroom instruction only and is followed by an exam. The module will carry out induction training of novice seafarers, which involves their equipment and working conditions, and acquaint them with safety procedures and accident prevention.

STCW personal safety and social responsibility, human relationships with crew

4.       Elementary First Aid

Seafarers are required by law to have First Aid/CPR training in order to be employed or engaged in any role on board the ship where designated duties are assigned for the ship’s operation. Training includes CPR, stretchers, moving patients, bandages, splint methods, and familiarization with the most common medical conditions and terms. The major point is to prepare the candidates for possible life-threatening emergencies. 

STCW Basic Safety Training United States Course Features

  • There are no prerequisites required
  • MCA-approved certifications upon successful completion of the course
  • Certificate valid for 5 years
  • Course duration is usually 5-10 days
  • Accepted internationally

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STCW Basic Training Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to conduct fire prevention, interior fighting, in-water actions, foam application, and emergency conditions. They will also develop effective human relationships on board the yacht. The course will also cover firefighting equipment, survival craft equipment, fire hose and nozzle, and protective clothing. 

STCW Basic Safety Training Requirements

To enroll in STCW basic safety training in the United States, the participants are required to fit the following criteria:

  • In most cases, candidates are required to be at least 18 years old. 
  • Some countries may require a seafarer’s ID and passport for certification.
  • Secondary education may be required as a minimum level of basic education. This is to ensure that trainees have the prerequisite skills to comprehend and act on the training procedure.
  • Seafarers should pass the medical examination in order to get a confirmation they are good in terms of physical and mental abilities to operate at sea. 
  • Trainees will be required to participate in rigorous physical activities such as firefighting without breathing equipment, medical care, swimming exercises without a life jacket, and security duties with heavy equipment. 
  • Proficiency in educational language, mainly English, is also nearly mandatory. Thus, candidates will be able to read and comprehend the training materials and fully participate in the training sessions.
  • Only organizations certified to offer STCW basic safety training should be enrolling their students in the training program. The appropriate maritime authority must authorize the training institution.

How To Get Authentic STCW Basic Safety Training? 

The course at Yachtiecareers is developed according to Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) code standards stipulated in Chapter VI, Sections A-VI/1.By completing their 10 days STCW basic safety training program, you will get certification for 

  • Personal Survival Techniques A-VI/1-1
  • Fire Prevention and Firefighting A-VI/1-2
  • Elementary First Aid A-VI/1-3
  • Personal Safety Social Responsibilities A-VI/1-4

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