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To kick start your career at sea in Florida, you will come across a set of maritime safety certificates, which are often a course package labelled as the STCW Basic Safety Training.

What Is STCW Basic Safety Training In Florida?

STCW basic safety training is a mandatory entry-level course for anyone who wishes to work recreationally or professionally on yachts. The U.S. Coast Guard-approved safety course aims to ensure that seamen are aware of the problems that can arise from being on board and the necessary response to such an event.

STCW Basic Safety Training modules cover four main areas, which take five to ten days to cover, depending on the training institute. The modules are not just about survival techniques in the wilderness, Firefighting, first aid and CPR, and safety and responsibility to others. They also include proficiency in security awareness (PSA) and proficiency in designated security duties (PDSD), ensuring a comprehensive understanding of safety and security at sea. 

Why Do You Need STCW Basic Safety Training In Florida?

This course is not just a prerequisite, but a gateway to a promising career on yachts or vessels in the maritime industry. The STCW Basic Safety Training course is mandatory in all flag nation-states for all those engaged with merchant marines. It’s a step towards a fulfilling and secure future. Additionally, it would be good to talk to career counselors regarding compulsory safety training.

How to Get An STCW Basic Safety Training Certificate In Florida?

The easiest and most reliable way to obtain an STCW certificate is to complete STCW training at a U. S. Coast Guard-approved training facility, such as Yachtiecareers. They offer MCA-approved and USGC-recognized STCW BST courses in various locations in Florida. Choosing a reputable training facility like Yachtiecareers ensures that you receive the best training and meet the standards of competency, giving you the confidence to pursue your maritime career.

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What Is Included In STCW Basic Safety Training In Florida?

The STCW-compliant course combines the following 4 basic elements of safety in one program:

1.       Personal Safety and Social Responsibility STCW A-VI/1-4

PSSR is a theoretical-based STCW Basic Training course that includes an oral and written examination. The purpose is to educate the personnel so that they can perform their yacht duties safely, protecting the crew and the marine environment. The PSSR module includes topics on interaction with colleagues, safe working environments, personal care skills, and other topics. The orientation also addresses employment situations and working conditions aboard. 

STCW basic safety training on yacht florida, human relationships on yacht

2.       Personal Survival Techniques STCW A-VI/1-1

PST or personal survival training is usually an interactive two-day course. The first day is in a classroom environment, mainly consisting of academic studies and a written test. The next day is about practice, and students are taken through a practical exam where they show the necessary survival crafts skills and procedures, usually in the pool. Trainees will learn basic survivability and how to handle common emergencies at sea, such as locating help, supplies, emergency crafts, rescue boats, using emergency equipment, and instructions for leaving the crew.

3.       Elementary First Aid 

The module combines theory and practice, focusing on the basics of first aid and lifesaving techniques. Trainees will learn common medical first aid courses and CPR, which are specially designed for sea conditions. According to the STCW Code (Section A-VI/1-2), the certified candidates who take part in the Elementary First Aid Course will be awarded an Elementary First Aid Certificate.

4.       Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention (A-VI/1-2)

This course encompasses classroom training, as well as training in the field of fire identification, prevention, detection, and firefighting skills. Learners will have to wear firefighting protective equipment with breathing apparatus prior to entering a live fire environment. While conducting emergency & rescue drills, a series of fires will be handled. Study search and rescue (SAR) and the skills for operating in the dark and places filled with smoke

Be Prepared Before You Join The STCW BST Course

Besides, you will be expected to perform strenuous physical training that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Diving from a height of around one meter straight into the pool.
  • Swimming a distance of approximately 20 ft while wearing a PFD oran immersion suit.
  • The participant has to swim unassisted with a life jacket or other protection for at least 1 minute.
  • Having a grasp of opening, entrapping, and righting an upside-down life raft while wearing a PFD or immersion suit.
  • Carrying out search & rescue of simulated personnel casualties that weigh around 150 kilograms from a place enclosed in a smoke/fire atmosphere while using breathing apparatus and protective clothes.
  • Fighting fires with and without the help of breathing equipment means going fast, climbing and descending ladders while carrying the firefighting tools, including the heavy hoses.
  • Remember that it may involve bending, stooping, lifting, and simulated or real patient for certain practices.
  • CPR on a mannequin

Is STCW Basic Safety Training Compulsory For All The Yacht Crew In Florida?

For those candidates seeking employment on a superyacht, the STCW Basic Training must be completed regardless of which crew department they choose to enter.

STCW basic safety training to become a deckhand

Every crew member of a superyacht working on yachts larger than 24m should undergo basic STCW Training. However, no strict law regulates the vessel type under 24m. Captains and employers of such vessels could still consider it an obligation to hold their certification. 

STCW basic safety training florida, yacht

Why Yachtiecareers?

You will gain necessary and practical career advice from professional field experts who will assist you in making an informed decision about the right next step in advancing your maritime career. 

You will be able to:

  • Safe work on a yacht
  • Contribute to good human relationships on yachts
  • Methods in emergency
  • Prevent pollution of the sea environment
  • Shock management
  • Rescue casualty
  • Lifesaving equipment 
  • First aid care
  • Respond to emergencies like fire
  • Detect security threat

If you complete a USCG-approved maritime training course, you will complete both practical and theory sections to meet the STCW certification requirements. All yacht certifications and discounted accommodations are available in Florida. 

Wish you a secure, calm sailing and a prosperous voyage ahead!


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