Understanding Food Hygiene Level 2 For Yacht Crew

Whether you are cruising with family or working on a commercial vessel, the rules of safe food handling must be followed to avoid spoiling a good time through food poisoning. Therefore, the award of food hygiene level 2 for yacht crew is necessary for all food handlers. Let’s learn more about it in this guide.

Why Food Hygiene Aboard Yachts Is Important?

Consumers are always concerned with the quality of foods they consume. The risk of food-related illnesses increases manifold when people preparing, processing and serving food are unaware of basic knowledge or formal training on how to do so. If the yacht owner or one of his guests has caught food poisoning at sea, it will not only be a disaster but also a potential threat to the reputation of the yacht and its crew. Therefore, food handling and preparation on board a yacht is greatly emphasized for everyone’s safety and the smooth operation of the yacht.

This is not always smooth running, so owners must ensure that all the crew members have adequate experience to make the experience memorable. This can be achieved with food hygiene level 2 for yacht crew.

What Is The Food Hygiene Level 2 For Yacht Crew?

“Food hygiene level 2 Award” or “Level 2 Award in Food Safety & Hygiene” is a qualification for caterers, chefs, stewardesses, and all food handlers. Learners attaining this award will understand the need to practice, promote, and ensure compliance with food hygiene since it is the duty of everyone from storage to cooking, preparation, handling, and serving food.

food hygiene level 2 for yacht crew

Is Food Hygiene Level 2 For Yacht Crew Mandatory?

It is mandatory for those who wish to handle food on yachts to attend the MCA-approved food hygiene course. Besides the catering industry, where it is a legal requirement, this award is essential for the yacht crew, including the head chef, sous chef, cooking assistant, chief stewardess, and stewardess.

About The Course

  • It can be completed online.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of food handling practices and food legislation
  • Adheres to European Union Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 on food hygiene
  • No specific entry requirements
  • Certificate of “food safety certificate level 2″ or a “food hygiene level 2 certificate given immediately upon completion.
  • Internationally accepted
  • Validity: 3 years

Food Hygiene Level 2 for Yacht Crew Course Outlines:

At the end of the training, the yacht crew will be able to:

  • Safe handling, preparing, and serving of food to guests
  • Learn essentials about microbiological risks and measures to control them
  • Learn about how food poisoning happens and what precautions should be taken to do away with it
  • Get to know the basics about contamination control and how it is prevented.
  • Maintain high sanitation standards in their handling of foods.
  • Enhance your understanding of properly cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen environment for food handling.
  • Proper storage to maintain food quality at an optimum level
  • Personal hygiene practices
  • Control temperature, pests, and food safety hazards.
  • Get to know ways through which varieties of food safety management systems, including HACCP, can be implemented.
  • Learn about legal obligations and law enforcement.

Where Should I Get Food Hygiene Level 2 For Yacht Crew?

A food hygiene level 2 for yacht crew certificate is issued to everyone who attends this course in line with the regulations of the Maritime Labour Convention. At Yachtiecareers, register yourself for superyacht training and get CPD & HAACP-approved proficiency in food hygiene level 2.

Start online Food hygiene level 2 for yacht crew training

The Food Hygiene Level 2 for yacht crew is conducted online. At the end of this course, there is a 15-question multiple choice quiz. When learners pass the assessment and score 80% and above, then they will be awarded a fully accredited food & hygiene level 2 certificate for yacht crew.

This course has 6 modules and include concepts about food safety, HACCP, legal obligations, microorganisms role in food spoilage and poisoning, contamination hazards and controls, cleaning and contamination, and finally quiz.

Is The Certificate Of Food Hygiene Level 2 For Yacht Crew Worth It?

When a superyacht is ‘MLC compliant’, it simply indicates that that particular yacht is a completely commercially registered yacht. It is now generally accepted that the MLC standards are the bare minimum standards for most super yachts, and anyone in this industry would not be successful without them. It is, however, definitely worth getting your food hygiene certificate so all jobs in the super yacht industry are available to you over your career.

Moreover, the food safety hygiene level 2 for yacht crew training is a proof to the yacht owners that this crew member is dedicated to delivering a quality service and possesses the relevant knowledge and skills to deliver it.

This, in turn, significantly increases the chances that a crew member lands a well-paid job.

Ready to begin your superyacht journey as a stewardess? Start by acquiring your food hygiene level 2 certification. This will not only equip you with the necessary skills but also increase your chances of landing a well-paid job in the industry.


Food hygiene level 2 training is broadly aimed at learners who are currently employed on super yachts as well as those aspiring to be employed in the Industry. The intent of this award is to equip persons with information on the principles of food safety, the dangers and threats to food offered by operations and the people preparing the food and possible control measures that are affordable and practical.

Mere investment in acquiring food hygiene certification could greatly yield a lot of financial return!


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