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Yacht Stewardess – Certificates to get job offers


This guide is for all yacht Stewardesses trying to find a good yacht job. In order to help you save money, while at the same time maximising your chances to get a job offers. In the last few years, the competition has gotten harder, while at the same time we see more and more certifications listed on junior yacht stewardess CVs Certification that you do not need to have.


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 How does  it works when we recruit crew members and when looking for crew to join us on board ?

  1. We need a new crew member
  2. We get sent up to hundreds of applications for the position
  3. We go through a pile of CVs and emails
  4. We quickly scan the CV, in order to see if it looks interesting.

Once we have decided we like your CV, we take a look at the certification. At this stage, what I need to know is can I employ you on board ? I look for your ENG1, your STCW Basic Safety and in some cases, depending on what type of yacht I am recruiting for, I need a few more certificates, or they would be beneficial and give you an edge in your job search.

These certificates- are called minimum manning certification. For Stewardesses the most important ones are:


  • STCW Basic Safety Manila 2010
  • ENG1
  • Safety Awareness
  • PDSD
  • Food Level Hygiene 2
  • Crowd and Crisis Management

If there is a certificate that you are thinking about getting , that I have not listed here, you should think twice about it.

Is it actually helping you to get your first position ? It is not and it will cost you a lot of money, you could spend on more important things, like getting your CV perfect and learning what gets you on board.

It is like a Business school graduate applying for a CEO role at google with no experience. His Diploma gives him the right to apply for the job in the first place, it gets him to entrance. But in order to get through the door and on board, you need skills, experience and a good CV. That is why we include a Yacht CV in all our training packages. 

If we see you have the right skills, attributes and attitude on your CV, you will get the chance to be interviewed and start working on Superyachts. You can display this through your previous work experience and history. If you need help with what to put on your CV and applying the perfect lay-out for you, you can get a free review here.

Most importantly, everyone I have ever met, has at least 3 skills and experiences from their past, that are valuable to us in Yachting, but they do not know what they are, and how to highlight them on your CV. 

So instead of spending your time and money on filling out your Yacht CV

with certificates, that mean nothing to me when I scan the yacht stewardess CVs, focus on your strengths and skills, highlight your key experiences and get more experience day working and connect with people in Yacht industry.

The packages with Yachtiecareers are a way to save money and get the right skills, network and be a part of a yacht community helping each other to get work on good Yachts. To get the best jobs in any industry, you need the best CV and network. This is where your focus should be starting.

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